Used Spare Parts?
But Why?

If you’ve taken your favorite old car, van or truck for servicing, one issue that always scares you the most is, “Will I be lucky enough to find the spare parts to repair my ride today?”

For those not familiar with where I’m hinting at is, when it comes to two or more decades old of a vehicle chances of you finding some genuine spare parts for your truck is increasingly an issue and a scarcity. When I say genuine, I’m talking about spare parts or in local malay (alat ganti) that is of original make from the manufacturer of that particular brand of the vehicle. For exampe, for a Hino truck/lorry that began production in the 80s and ended in 90s chances of you finding a “new” and genuine-made A/C Compressor that is fitted on an EF550 model Engine is scarce. Although you could still find some OEM manufactured spare parts that could serve it’s purpose, they cannot substitute the lifespan of it’s genuinely produced predecessor.

Some who even get to opt-in for it, soon regret it as the lifespan of such “new” part will only last them some weeks, whilst their Hino branded parts would have lasted them months to years. To make things harder, servicing trucks that requires large equipment to disassemble and assemble components and time-consuming methods means labor charges are high and when it has to be done every month or so will be nothing more than a nightmare for lorry drivers and transport/logistics companies.

So what will be a longer term solution?

Used spare parts it is.

Why? Because here in Shanmuga Auto Parts Sdn Bhd or Siva Shanmuga Enterprise, we ensure that not only our lorry parts are genuine but more importantly we make it a priority that such spare parts are always consisting of high lifespan value. Even if they don’t we ensure that they are priced accordingly to suit everyone’s budget and build a strong rapport with customers on responsible trading practices. Unlike new spare parts firms’, we consist of not only minor components but even delve into major components such as engines, booggie sets (buggi in malay), long shafts for connecting the transmission gearbox and the rear axles (gearbo in malay), which are rarity otherwise in the former. This makes us a one-stop center for all your automotive spare parts needs. Our truck/lorry spare parts are genuine, of great-quality and imported from countries like Japan, UK, Europe that has an established record of high longevity rate in comparison with new parts.

Located in the heart of Ipoh, Perak, we are ready to serve customers from around the vicinity and also taking in phone/whatsapp-to-order now. Lorry spare parts finding in Ipoh is now made easier.

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